Historic Window Repair

Historic Window Repair - National TrustOne of the most common questions historic homeowners ask is how they can repair their historic wood windows. Provided in the Quick Links section are links that can help homeowners learn more about historic wood repair. The Preservation Grant Program may even be able to pay up to 50% of the cost of the repair!

Please be advised, if you own a historic home in Oregon City you will need to work with staff to determine if your historic wood windows can be replaced. The Historic Review Board Policy on windows can be found below:

HRB Policy Number 10- Window Repair and Replacement Original wood windows are important architectural features in any historic building. They are the "eyes" of the structure and they convey a sense of handcraftsmanship and detail that cannot be achieved with substitute materials. The Historic Review Board maintains that original windows should be retained and repaired whenever possible and replacement of windows should be done with in-kind materials. For all exterior alterations, involving windows, to: all structures in the Canemah National Register District, designated structures in the McLoughlin Conservation District, and other local Landmarks, the applicant will provide a determination of the window's architectural significance and condition to assist the Historic Review Board to determine the repair and replacement options for the property. Owners of non-designated structures are also encouraged to follow this policy for window repair and replacement. (Adopted October 25, 2001)

Remember - The greenest window is often the one that is already in your house.

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