924 JQ Adams Street

This vernacular house has a steep front-facing gable roof with a large gabled dormer extending out on the north elevation. The house is primarily clad in channel drop siding, though the porch enclosure is clad in narrow lap siding. The house features bargeboards, narrow rakeboards, decorative brackets, cornerboards, and the original front door with screen. A porch extends across the entire front elevation and features tapered columns and a truncated hip roof sheathed in composition shingles. The windows are primarily 1/1 wood with some having hoods. Many of the windows have fixed metal storms. There is a two-car garage with a flat roof off of 10th Street and a small shed.

This property is located within the McLoughlin Conservation District but is not a locally designated historic site. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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