Historic Preservation

Congratulations on choosing to live in a unique community in the state of Oregon. As a resident of Oregon City, you have been given the opportunity to help preserve a part of Oregon's history. Each and every historic building plays a significant part in the ongoing preservation of Oregon City's local heritage. Historic buildings reflect the lives and aspirations of past generations and their preservation defines the community in many ways. Most of all, thoughtful stewardship of our buildings and surrounding environment can ensure that our sense of identity is passed along to future generations.

Special Responsibilities

Owners of buildings that have been designated Historic Sites have a special responsibility in the preservation of these structures. To find out if your property is locally designated, please visit Oregon City's Maps of Historic Resources.

If you are an owner of a house that is designated a Historic Structure, there is a special review required for all exterior alterations that affect the outside of the structure (windows, doors, changes in siding material, and additions). These alterations require review by the Planning Division and/or Historic Review Board (HRB) depending upon the extent of the proposed change to the structure and are subject to the HRB Policies.

Two Types of Historic Reviews

Alterations to Existing Resources & Additions Less Than 30% of the Original Structure

If alteration requires discretionary decision-making:

If the extent of alteration is limited and falls within the identified HRB policies:

  • Type I review by staff
  • Subject to the clear and objective HRB policies

New Construction in Historic Districts Including Additions Greater Than 30% of the Original Structure

If you have any questions, please email Planning or call 503-722-3789.