1204 7th Street

ALLISON PEASE HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: This house, constructed about 1889, was likely built by Allison A. Pease, a local carpenter. Pease owned the property until 1927 but is not listed as living at this house in any of the early city directories. L.N. and Mary Palmer bought the house from Pease, but in 1936 lost the house due to foreclosure by the Homeowners Loan Corporation. This company owned the house until 1949, selling it to James and Fleeta Johnson. The Johnson's had been in the house since at least 1941 and occupied the house through the remainder of the historic period. James was a collector for the Oregon City Water Department, but by 1960 he had passed away leaving his wife to inhabit the house alone. Fleeta Johnson finally sold the property in 1971.

The house at 1204 7th Street appears to be remnant of the Stick style with its panelization of channel drop siding with 1x4 trim. There is a blend of jerkinhead and gable roofs. There is a gabled dormer with half-timbering. The 1-1/2 story building has a complex plan on a concrete foundation. The integrated entry porch is supported by square posts with spindle rail. The gable ends have staggered square shingles. The porch at the rear is a recent addition. There is a 1920s, one-car garage buried in the retaining wall below the house.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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