919 7th Street

FARR STORE -- Statement of Significance: This was the site of the Farr Brothers Store. Louis and Clarence Farr were sons of Isaac Farr, a prominent early Oregon City resident. The store remained in this location until the mid-1940s, when Dewey Krueger bought the property from Clarence Farr. Krueger held the store until 1951, selling the building to Lee Faust. It housed the Treasure Tone store in the early 1950s, and by 1958 it was home to the Premium Market. The Lorraine Sheahan School of Dance moved into the building by 1960, and the two businesses shared the building until 1964, when the School of Dance was listed as the only tenant. This building is significant for being one of the early stores on 7th Street and its association with the Farr Brothers.

The two-story commercial building at 919 7th Street has paired gable roofs hidden behind a false front topped with modillions. The building is clad in round-edge drop siding on its sides, but the siding is covered with plywood and transited across its front and wood shingles on its rear. The store front windows have all been replaced over the years with non-compatible formats. A 1970s store front has been cut in near the rear on Monroe Street. At the front there is an entry and there is a corner entry at Monroe and 7th Streets. Many of its windows are still 1/1 wood doublehung, but there has been some replacement with 1/1 vinyl along its upper west side and aluminum sliders on its upper front. At the rear is access to five apartments.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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