442 Roosevelt Street

DIX RENTAL c.1913 -- Statement of Significance: The "Dix Brothers," John, William and Euphrates, purchased Lots 1 through 14 in 1890, just before or after they were platted. The brothers were part of a large family headed by Samuel H. Dix, a farmer born in Ohio in 1836; in 1880 the family lived in the Cuttings Precinct of Clackamas County. Samual's wife was Elizabeth, born in Pennsylvania in 1841. Their children included Marietta, born in Ohio in 1865; Ulysses S., born in Missouri in 1867; Sarah, born in Missouri in 1870; William, born in Missouri in 1872; John, born in Oregon in 1875, and Euphrates O., born in Oregon in 1878. By 1900, only one son, Ulysses, lived with the parents, working as a farm laborer. By 1910, the Dix brothers owned a sawmill in the Oregon City vicinity. They may have built this house for one of the family, but by 1914, the house was rented to a G.G. Morrow (? - last name somewhat illegible) and later to others. In 1920, the house was purchased and lived in by William and Anna Mozetowitz (or Mozetowety, name partially illegible), who owned it until 1947.

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Roosevelt St - 442