409 Jefferson Street

The one-story bungalow house is set back from the street on a very narrow lot. It has a jerkinhead roof with the gable ends perpendicular to the street. Concrete steps with a metal railing lead up to a concrete platform porch that is covered by a small jerkinhead roof with its gable end facing the street. Two Doric columns holding up the roof give it a classical motif. The house is symmetrical with a center doorway and matching sets of windows on either side. Each set has a larger center fixed with narrow 1/1 double-hung windows on either side. An external chimney is attached to the north side, as well as a small lean-to roof creating a carport.

This property is located within the McLoughlin Conservation District but is not a locally designated historic site. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

Historic Inventory Form 

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