721-721 1/2 Jefferson Street

JANE C. RANDS HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: Mrs. Jane C. Rands, wife of Edward P. Rands, was born in Manchester, England in 1832. She settled in Providence, Rhode Island with her parents. She then moved to Illinois where she married Edward Rands in 1850. They moved to Iowa and later to Oregon in 1877. Mr. Rands died in 1903. Mrs. Rands died in 1917. Their son, Harold A. Rands also owned the house. Jules Verne Dustin purchased the property in 1923 and owned it through the remainder of the historic period, selling the property in 1973. Mr. Dustin was a bookkeeper and his wife, Blanche, operated a kindergarten. Living with them were their children, Lois, Donna, Jean and Dale, and Dale's wife Wilma (in 1953). 1958 listings show a retired Jules and Blanche Dustin with renters, James McCartney of Publishers Paper and Susan Latta, a teacher, followed by another teacher, Clifford Burns. Throughout the 1960s and early 1970s Jules and Blanche Dustin lived in the house with two renters in two separate units (721b and 721 1/2).

This 1-1/2 story bungalow has a rectangular plan with a north addition, a rear shed dormer and a separate south exterior entrance to the half story. It sits on a board formed concrete foundation and is clad in beveled siding with corner boards (no corner boards on the north addition). There is also a capped water table, not on the north addition. There is a large bargeboard with brackets at the gabled roof ends. The bargeboard ends are pointed, and the roof is covered with composition shingling. The rafter tails are exposed. The windows are primarily 3/1 wooden double-hung with two front windows of 9/1 fixed and 1/1 wooden double-hung in back. The windows have wide surround boards. There are two chimneys with soldier bricked tops. The front porch is gabled matching the character of the main roof and supported by tapered columns with a frieze. The balustrade is solid and clad in beveled siding. There is evidence of a basement level garage, the opening has been filled and a regular door added. There is also a small storage building to the rear. There is a large Douglas Fir to the northeast and a deciduous to the southeast.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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