812 Jefferson Street

ELLEN WALSH HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: This property was initially purchased from Clackamas County in 1882 by W. Allen White. White sold the property five years later (1887) to Ellen and Michael Walsh, local farmers. It is unclear which party built the house that dates to approximately 1885. This house and the one in the adjacent lot 8 (812 9th Street) were purchased by Arden Cheney in 1892. Cheney was publisher of the Oregon City Courier, which he bought in 1895, and The Herald, which he purchased in 1898, combining them to form the Oregon City Courier-Herald. In 1898, he bought the Canby Independent as well. Cheney, a Civil War veteran, is listed in the 1897 Oregon City Directory as the resident of the house, but by 1909 Cheney had moved and was apparently using the house as a rental property. Cheney held the property until 1925, when the property continued as a rental residence and changed hands often until 1945 when Gertrude Brumbaugh bought the house. Brumbaugh had been renting the house since at least 1941, and was a librarian at the Oregon City Public Library. By 1958 she had become the hostess at the McLoughlin House, and lived at the house with her daughters Ann and Katherine. Ann was a teacher at the Mt. Pleasant School, and with her sister sold the house in 1967 following Gertrude's death.

This c.1885 house retains good integrity, with boxed eaves, rake board with molding, cornice molding, hooded 1/1 windows. The roof is a nonoriginal gabled form. A large 1/1 main floor window features a leaded-light section in the upper sash, with lambs' tongues. The front door appears historic, with 8 lights and Den tiling over 3 panels. The windows on the south wall are primarily not hooded. A south horizontal window features a unique 3/3 pattern with very wide center rectangular lights flanked by small square lights. The corner boards are chamfered. The east addition (possibly an old garage) features exposed purlins and skip sheathing. There are two chimneys, one at mid-house and one at the original entry; the latter is corbelled.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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