310 S. High Street

BURL EDWARD TATRO HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: The house at 310 South High Street was the home of Burr Ellwood Tatro (1890-1978) from 1919-1945. A native of Minnesota, Tatro graduated from Willamette University in 1913 and was admitted to the bar in the same year. In 1927, he was elected district judge in Clackamas County, and served until 1933. At a later period, he served as chief deputy to the Clackamas County district attorney. He moved to Portland in 1940, and in 1963 was awarded a certificate by the Oregon State Bar Association for fifty consecutive years of legal service. Robert Jackson bought the house from Tatro, occupying it until selling the property in 1950. The LaFarge family (Norman and Ruth) lived in the house from the early 1950s until the mid-1970s. The LaFarge's owned a blacktop paving company that they operated out of the house, which they purchased in 1963.

This one-story house sits under a front gable roof, with a gabled porch running the full width of the west façade. The porch gable is supported by tapered square columns set on wood piers with a simple balustrade running between them. The gables feature open eaves with knee brackets that penetrate the wide barge boards. The house is clad with rounded double drop siding, finished with corner boards. The house features a cantilevered rectangular bay on the north side, covered by a shed extension of the main gable. At the southeast corner of the house is a hip roofed rear addition, featuring open eaves, lap siding with corner boards, and eight-pane casement windows. The windows on the main house are typically 1/1 double-hung wood sash with plain board trim. The two windows flanking the main entry on the west side have high upper sashes. A small garage is located at the northeast corner of the lot, covered by a gable roof. The gable ends are clad with drop siding that matches the house, but the rest of the garage is clad with wood shingles. The garage features a pair of four-pane-over-four-panel out-swinging doors.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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