426 Dimick Street


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GEORGE AND FRANCIS WELSH RESIDENCE c.1891 -- Statement of Significance: George Welsh (Welch) was born in 1818 in Maryland and arrived in Oregon in June of 1854; he settled his donation land claim in November of 1855 near Beavercreek. His wife at the time he settled his claim was "Orphy," born in 1848 in Iowa. She had died by 1879; on that date, George was farming his claim as a widower with three children: Caroline, age 14, Charles, age 13, and Francis, age 11, all born in Oregon. The house was built between 1890 and 1895, but probably just around the time Francis and his wife, Nettie, had their first child in 1889 - a title transaction of some sort involving George and Francis and John Hindeman occurred in 1890, but tax records for that date show George only owning the land, 140 acres without improvement, part of the G. Welch DLC. By 1895, the land has an improvement on it, owned by both Francis and George. Nettie was born in Iowa in 1865; her and Francis' two children were Oral, born in 1889, and Roy, born in 1894. In 1910, Francis and Nettie sold this house and built or purchased a new house at 412 Pearl Street, near the lumberyard/planning mill where Francis was the manager, possibly the owner; the mill was located on Molalla Avenue. The building has some significance for its association with pioneer George Welch and for its age.

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