910 4th Street

RUSSELL AND CLARABELLE CASE HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: In 1892, this property was purchased by Russell G. and Clara Bell Case, who proceeded to construct the residence. Mr. Case was a clerk at Thomas Charman & Son. After the couple sold the property in 1902, it has a number of short-term owners before being purchased by O.D. and Jennie Eby in 1908. Mr. Eby was an attorney for the Bank of Oregon City and president of the Oregon City Commercial Club. In 1944, the couple sold to Cordelia Hogg, who resided at 909 Center and used this house as a rental. In 1962, as Cordelia Hogg Enghouse, she sold the property to A.L. and Margaret Woody. The couple also appears to have rented out the house, as it was occupied by Melvina v. Meeker, an employee of the Oregon City Hospital in the early 1960s.

This two-story house sits under a hip roof, with a rectangular bay at the northeast corner covered by a gable roof. The eaves are typically enclosed above the wide rake and frieze boards. A hip roofed porch is present at the northwest corner of the house. The porch hip is supported by large square columns under a blank frieze, with a simple balustrade running between the columns. The house is clad with drop siding, finished with corner boards, above the full water table and vertical T & G foundation skirt. A variety of windows exist in the house. On the north side, in the rectangular bay, is a large fixed wood sash with a divided transom. 1/1 double-hung wood sashes are present under the porch hip and on the east and west sides of the house at the first floor level. At the second floor level, all of the windows have been replaced with 1/1 vinyl double-hung sashes. Above the porch hip these windows are arranged in pairs. This area may have been a sleeping porch at one time. The windows typically feature plain board trim, narrow sills, and minimal hood moldings. A one story wing projects out from the south side of the house and appears to be an early addition to the house as it matches the main body of the house in both character and materials. A small garage is located to the west of the house, built about 1920. It features double drop siding with corner boards, open eaves, wide barge boards, knee brackets, a board formed concrete foundation, and a plywood overhead door.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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