310 3rd Avenue

ERVIN CAROTHERS HOUSE c.1864 -- Statement of Significance: Ervin Carothers was born in 1825 in Ohio and died in Canemah in 1890. He came west in 1853 with his wife, Hilah Ann Gray, and eldest child, Martha, along with Hilah's mother, Martha Gray, and two of her sons. He worked as a laborer in Canemah, where he moved after establishing a homestead near New Era. The Carothers had five children. There is no doubt the family lived in this house; however, title is not transferred to Carothers until 1890, the year of his death, from Alonzo and Helen Vickers. Vickers was a riverboat engineer born in Ohio in 1834. One of only two saltbox-style houses in Oregon City, and one of the oldest residences in town. Primary structure in NR District.


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