302 3rd Avenue

ERVIN CAROTHERS HOUSE c.1875 -- Statement of Significance: The history of this house is obscure. The lot was owned by Ervin and Hilah Ann Carothers, who lived next door at 310 3rd Avenue. Carothers was a laborer in Canemah. Title to this lot passed to Martha and William Plummer in 1912, but the house clearly pre-dates 1912. Martha Plummer was the eldest surviving Carothers child. The Carothers family came west in 1853, and had a homestead in the New Era area. One plausible account of the house is that it was built by Ervin, or on land donated by Ervin, for his daughter's marriage in the early 1870s. The house is significant for its age and has been remarkably restored from an extremely dilapidated condition.

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