16422 Front Avenue

ALBERT TUCKER HOUSE c.1890 -- Statement of Significance: Albert Tucker is believed to be the original owner of the subject property, which he purchased in 1890. Tucker, a native of Pennsylvania was born in 1834. His wife Mary E. was born in Illinois in 1837. Sara Jane Rittenhouse was the second owner. She was born in Iowa and sold the house in 1832 to Casper White. Two years later he sold it to A.P. and Bertha Lehman, who sold it to J.B. and Emma J. Edwards in 1941. According to Mel Freeman, grandson of Sara Jane and Wilson Rittenhouse, the subject house was built by his grandfather. The elder Rittenhouse also built several other houses on Front Street with his sons, Claude, Calvin, Austin and Clarence. 

The house is a good example of the Vernacular style. It is composed of perpendicular volumes covered with wide, dropped siding and finished with corner boards. The four-over-four double-hung sash window on the rear elevation is evidence of the late 19th century date of construction. The house was apparently altered in the 1930s, presumably by Casper White. At that time the Bungalow style porch was added. It is identified by the battered supports and caps, as well as the enclosed balustrade. The addtion to the rear, which is clad with double-bevel siding, was most likely done at the same time. Despite the additions, the original building envelope and the evolution to date is clearly visible. Landscape features, including nut trees and a snowball bush, contribute to the historic character of the dwelling.

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