411 3rd Street

H.W. AND LUCINDA ROSS HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: In 1898, H.W. and Lucinda Ross purchased this property and are assumed to have constructed the residence. In 1903, Mrs. Ross, as a widow, transferred ownership to Fred Eckhoff, who in turn deeded to Charles A. Baxter in 1912. Mr. Baxter was a millwright at the CWP Company, who occupied the house with his wife, Grace D. In 1934, the couple sold the property to Thomas Blackburn. However, according to city directories, the house was occupied by Charles Blackburn, an employee of the Clackamas County shops, his wife Minnie, as well as Gloria Blackburn, who worked for the M&F Company. In 1950, the residence was purchased by K.V. and Gladys Woodward, who appear to have used it as a rental during their 20-year ownership. Their tenants included Paul E. Scully, a Crown Zellerbach employee, and his wife Pauline; Harold F. Bostic, a bookkeeper at H.D. Drug Company, and his wife Dorris; and Barbara Walhert, a 10-year occupant.

This two-story residence sits under a cross gable roof, with a hip roof at the southeast corner covering a two-story porch. The hip is supported at the corner by turned columns with a scroll cut balustrade enclosing the porches (one at each floor). The gables feature enclosed eaves with wide frieze and rake boards and decorative barge molding. On the south side, a rectangular bay projects out at the first-floor level, covered by a hip roof. This bay features chamfered pilasters between the windows and pendants at the corners below a sawtooth frieze. The house is primarily clad with horizontal drop siding, finished with corner boards, but the gable ends are clad with octagonal shingle imbrication above the window heads. The windows are all tall 1/1 double-hung wood sashes, and the gable end windows have arched hoods with a sunburst pattern in the blind transom. The foundation has been recently skirted with plywood under the full water table. Two garages are associated with this house. The smaller of the two, located to the northeast of the house, is a front gable garage clad with drop siding and featuring two casement windows on the west side and a pair of out-swinging doors on the south side. A large six-car garage is located along the east edge of the lot. This garage sits under a shallow shed roof that is hidden by a gabled parapet with large intermediate piers that divide the garage into three bays. The doors on this garage are all paired out-swinging doors, with three square panels over three rectangular panels. The garage is clad with rounded drop siding.

 This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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