13291 Clackamas River Drive

(Previously 13286 Clackamas River Dr) SAMUEL MAYER HOUSE c.1890 -- Statement of Significance: Samuel Mayer is believed to be the original owner of the subject dwelling. He purchased the property from Gustav Friedrich in 1890. Architectural evidence would support a circa 1890 date of construction. Mayer owned the property for almost 30 years, selling in 1919 to Marie Friedrick. In the 1916-17 Clackamas County Directory, Marie Friedrick is listed as a deputy clerk for Clackamas County and residing in Park Place. Friedrick sold in 1939 to the Endres family, owners and founders of the Henry Endres Winery. In 1984 the Endres Winery was the oldest family-owned winery in the state, according to owner Henry Endres II. Endres started the winery after losing his job during the Depression. In 1984 the operation had about three acres of vineyards and three acres devoted to the winery. Eighteen varieties of grapes were grown and another three acres of orchards containing plums, prunes, cherries and apples have been grown at the Endres' farmhouse, about eight miles from the winery. The winery's specialties were rhubarb and loganberry wine but they also produced wine using raspberries, strawberries, plums, grapes and honey. The Endres business was one of five wineries in operation during the historic period in Clackamas County. The house is a good example of the Vernacular style. It is composed as a rectangular, gabled volume. A smaller volume is attached to the rear elevation. As was commonly the case, ornament is limited to the porch. Turned pieces and other decorative fancywork grace the primary elevation. Other decorative elements include the polygonal window bay on the side elevation and a round window. The house has had some alterations. It has been resided and the window frames have been changed, probably done in conjunction with the residing. Much of the vegetation is overgrown, making it difficult to identify, much less evaluate; however, of that which is visible, the ornamental plantings and fruit trees contribute to the historic character of the dwelling.

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