1017 5th Street

WILHELM AND MAY WILSON HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: In 1899, William J. and Mary Wilson, while living at 909 5th Street, purchased this property and proceeded to construct the residence. Mr. Wilson was a partner in Wilson and Cooke, a local hardware store, who in the 1940s owned W.J. Wilson Company farm implements. He was a sheriff during the Prohibition Era and was involved in a highly publicized case with his son, who worked undercover at an establishment dispensing alcoholic beverages. The couple continued to live in the residence following his retirement in the early 1950s. By 1958, the house was occupied by Lindon W. and Frances Curl, owners of Curl's TV and Radio. The couple was deeded the property in 1962 and continued to live there until at least the late 1960s.

This 1-1/2 story house sits under a gable roof with a wraparound hip roofed porch on the north and east sides of the house. The porch eave is supported by large square columns with a plain balustrade running between them. A second smaller gable runs to the east from the main gable over a one-story portion of the house. The gable ends typically feature enclosed eaves, decorative barge molding, and wide rake and frieze boards. The house is clad with horizontal drop siding, finished with corner boards. The windows are all 1/1 double-hung wood sash with plain board trim and small hood moldings at the first floor level. A garage is located at the southeast corner of the lot, added about 1915. The garage sits under a gable roof with wide barge boards, open eaves, and knee brackets. The garage is clad with narrow double drop siding, finished with corner boards, and features two out-swinging doors on the south side. The windows, centered on the east and west sides, are boarded over with plywood.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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