1108 John Adams Street

MAHALA EATON SIMMONS HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: In 1892, this property was purchased by Mahala Eaton Simmons, who is credited with the construction of the residence. She occupied the house until her death in 1903. In 1909, her heirs sold the property to George Rissberger, an employee of Crown Willamette Paper Company, and his wife Afra. The couple owned the house until 1936, when it was transferred to J.F. Ramsay, who in turn sold it to Hans and Johanne Christenson four years later. In 1944, the property was purchased by Thomas Caroompas, who worked at the Grand Central Market, and his wife Ruth. The couple continued to own and occupy the house until 1977.

This c.1894 residence is a complex, multi-unit structure with a side facing wall dormer. A front facing gable roof adorns the main façade with a pent roof over the main entry porch. Decorative square, hexagonal and saw-tooth imbrication embellishes the gable ends of the structure. The front porch currently has been remodeled with a post 1980’s wood railing and balustrade. Two large, non-historic, fixed picture windows are present at the front façade. Post 1982, the exterior stair leading to an upstairs apartment has been relocated from the front façade to the south façade complete with a rear addition. A compatible, non-historic fan light door is present at the main entrance. Several original windows are still intact with lamb’s tongue detailing. The door located at the southwest addition has been removed since the 1980’s survey and the window at the south addition is currently a door. The rear addition has channel rustic siding with round edge siding above in sporadic locations, while the main house is clad in lap siding. Alterations include an addition to the east and rear façades including a deck, a relocated exterior stair and a post 1982 remodel of the front porch.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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