719 John Adams Street


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This one-story front gabled house has a rake boards, corner boards and boxed soffits. There is also a water table and cap. A square three-sided bay with a hip roof projects from the south elevation. A small entrance porch is on the southeast corner of the house with corrugated metal board tacked on the south side of the once open side. The porch has a hip roof. The front window in the bay is a wide double-hung wood with a single horizontal muntin in the upper sash. The bay also has corner boards. The upper window is a fixed square. The north side has a double-hung 1/1 wood window with lamb's tongue detailing. The south elevation has another three-sided square bay with hip roof. A second front gable is recessed behind the first with a window squeezed between the gables at the roof angle. Basement windows are visible in the concrete block and have concrete sills.

This property is located within the McLoughlin Conservation District but is not a locally designated historic site. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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