519 13th Street

JAMES HEALEY HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: This house is significant for its age, constructed about 1880. At that time, James Healy owned the property, having bought the lot from Eloisa Harvey in 1877. The property remained in the Healy family until 1907, when it was briefly owned by C.H. Dye and the McConahy family. In 1910 Laurence Oman, a laborer, bought the house and moved in with his wife Mary. The Oman family continued to occupy the house until 1965, when Anne Toll and her husband John occupied the house. The Tolls had purchased the house in 1960 and were retired at that time. The Tolls continued to live in the house through the mid-1970s.

This house sits on the north side of 13th Street, and has two main building masses. The eastern half of the building is a two story volume under a front gable roof, and the west half is a one story wing under a front gable. This gives the house a T-shaped plan. The gables feature enclosed eaves and wide frieze and rake boards. The house has been completely clad with composition shingle siding above the poured concrete foundation. A small gable projects out from the south side of the two story portion of the house, supported by a pair of 4 x 4 columns and covering the main entry to the house. All of the windows in the house are recent replacements of the original sashes, and are now 1/1 doublehung vinyl windows. The windows have board surrounds and slightly projecting sills. A brick chimney is present on the west wall of the house, centered on the west façade.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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