1321 Monroe Street


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ROBERT SARTIN HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: In 1913, F.J. and Emma L. Tooze purchased this property and proceeded to construct their residence. They sold the house in 1916 to Robert Sartin, an employee of Crown-Willamette Paper Company, and his wife Louisa. The couple lived on 14th Street and used this house as a rental. In 1924, the property was purchased by James Couter, who sold to P.J. and Nathalie Simmons in 1932. There were two more transfers before the house was purchased by Andrew and Jewell Kessler in 1953. Mr. Kessler, who was employed by the Heacock Door Company, resided in the house with his wife and three children.

This simple c.1916 bungalow residence is rectangular in plan with a side facing gabled roof. Typical of the bungalow style, simple brackets support a wide eave with a decorative frieze at the bargeboard. A shed roof dormer is present on the upper half story supported by triangular brackets. Two central casement windows are present within the dormer. The typical window type is wood 1/1 double-hung which have modern screen storms attached. Typical of the bungalow style, the front elevation has 10/1 wood windows with lamb’s tongue detailing, and a full width front entrance porch with paired columns, an enclosed knee wall clad in shingle siding and decorative lattice work enclosing the ends of the porch. The exterior is clad in wood shingle siding in alternating band-widths. A decorative fence surrounds the property with an arched trellis complete with vegetation at the entrance walk. Alterations include a small porch addition at the rear elevation and a shed roof above the carport on the north elevation.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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