1104 6th Street

HUTCHINSON HOSPITAL -- Statement of Significance: According to Dr. Densmore who sat on the Board of Directors at the time Willamette Falls Hospital's predecessor moved from 1104 6th Street, this structure was originally the home of Ida Hutchinson. Mrs. Hutchinson took in sewing but was convinced by Dr. Edward McLean to open a hospital. After a falling out with Drs. Mount, Augustine and Marietta Fleming ran the hospital from 1922 to 1954. By 1962 the building housed Aerie No. 2132, the Fraternal Order of Eagles. This group occupied the building through the rest of the historic period.

This large building sits under a front gable roof that faces 6th Street. A number of smaller cross gables are present on the east and west sides of the main building mass, and a one story wing extends to the south from the two story northern portion of the building. The gables all feature wide barge boards, open eaves, and triangular knee brackets. The northern portion of the building features a cantilevered bay on the west side at the first floor, covered by a shed roof with notched barge boards. The northern portion of the building is clad with stucco, and the hip roofed southern wing is clad with drop siding. The windows are predominantly 1/1 double-hung sash, but the north gable features paired casement windows with five light transoms. The entries to the building are recessed into the north and west sides, and an entry addition was made to the south end of the building in 1985. The building sits on a board formed concrete foundation and is one of the largest buildings in this portion of the neighborhood.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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