223 High Street

JACOB MICHELS HOUSE -- Statement of Significance: In 1902, Anna and Jacob Michels purchased this property and proceeded to construct their residence. In 1908, it was sold to Christen Michels, who in turn sold to E.W. and Daisy Lavier in 1924. The property was transferred to Frank and Mary Hopp in 1937, and to Lawrence Hopp, a policeman, and his wife Gwen in 1946. The following year, E.H. and Marie Van Domelen, of Van's Market bought the house, and appear to have used it as a store. In 1964, the property was purchased by Robert and Daryl Laubsch.

This house sits under a gable roof, with the north portion of the house rising 1-1/2 stories and a one-story wing extending to the south from the center of this upper gable. A small gable is cantilevered out from the west side of the house over the main entry. This gable end is clad with vertical T & G siding, while the rest of the house is clad with drop siding, finished with corner boards. The house features boxed eaves with wide frieze and rake boards, and the northwest corner of the house has a diagonal bay at the first-floor level. The second-floor projects out to form a square corner above this bay, supported by a pair of large scroll cut brackets. The house rests on a stone foundation, with a full water table making the transition to the drop siding. The windows are mostly aluminum sash replacements of the original windows, but a few 1/1 double-hung sashes still exist at the first-floor level near the northwest corner. A shed roof extension of the south gable projects out to the east, covering the back porch. A second shed extension projects out to the west of this gable, over what once may have been an open porch that is now enclosed. The foundation is skirted with plywood and features a small garage door at the basement level on the north side of the house.

A Quonset hut has been added to this lot on the east side of the house, now housing a Minit Mart. This building features a corrugated steel roof with large storefront windows under a canvas awning on the east end. A small parking lot is located to the north of the Quonset hut.

This property is a locally designated historic site located within the McLoughlin Conservation District. Contact ocplanning@orcity.org for more information.

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