Historic Review Board Policies

Artwork of an Oregon City HomeProjects that meet the Historic Review Board (HRB) policies do not have to request approval from HRB and rather may obtain administrative staff approval. Where an alteration does not meet the policies, a Type III review by the HRB will be necessary.

These policies are authorized by Section 17.40.060 of the Oregon City Municipal Code and apply to designated historic structures in Oregon City, including:

  • All properties in the Canemah National Register Historic District, as the District boundaries existed on February 1, 2017.
  • All designated structures in the McLoughlin Conservation District
  • All structures individually designated on the National Register before February 1, 2017, and local landmarks located outside of historic districts

City staff are available to help property owners determine if their projects satisfy the HRB policies. Property owners are strongly encouraged to seek advice from City staff before proceeding with changes to historic properties. Changes that do not meet the policies are subject to code enforcement action. The policies do not apply to regular maintenance or repair of existing structures.

Oregon City Preservation Program 

Phone: 503-722-3789


Policy Updates

The Historic Review Board updated the HRB Policies. These HRB Policy updates are effective as of August 7th, 2019.


These guidelines are authorized by Section 17.40 60 of the Oregon City Municipal Code. Owners of properties that do not fall under the Historic Review Process are encouraged to follow the Policies set forth by the Historic Review Board by making exterior alterations that maintain the structure's integrity and are compatible with the neighborhood. 

For additional information, read HRB Policies - Effective August 7, 2019 (PDF).

The finished floor elevation of the structure shall not be raised or lowered in relation to the ground level as a result of foundation construction or repair. Any new foundation shall be covered with skirting that matches the original skirting on the structure.

Read more about HRB Policy Numbers 1 through 5, 8, and 9 - Property Owner Guide (PDF).