Resources & Publications

Historic Main Street, looking South from 7th Street, Oregon CityMost local libraries, planning departments, and museums have copies of the Cultural Resources Inventory for their area. Many local museums have extensive collections of local photos, archival records, and preservation resources available. The National Trust for Historic Preservation, Oregon State Historic Preservation Office, Architectural Heritage Center (in Portland), Restore Oregon, and Old Home Forum (in Oregon City) are all educational and support organizations for old-house owners. SHPO, AHC, and Restore Oregon also have lists of craftsmen who specialize in historic construction.

In addition to the resources already listed, several other sources of information are available for owners of historic homes. Searching the Internet using keywords such as historic homes, preservation, building technology, real estate, architecture, restoration, renovation, and Victorian will help you locate appropriate information.

Helpful Resources

The National Trust’s Preservation Books has publications such as The New Old House Starter Kit (with information about researching a house, guidelines on hiring professionals, a bibliography, and guides to architectural and landscape styles), Buyer’s Guide to Older and Historic Houses, Appraising Historic Properties, Design Review in Historic Districts, Fabrics for Historic Buildings: A Guide to Selecting Reproduction Fabrics, Floor Coverings for Historic Buildings: A Guide to Selecting Reproductions, and Paint in America: The Colors of Historic Buildings. To place an order, call the National Trust at 202-588-6296 or visit the National Trust for Historic Preservation - 14 Essential Preservation Books page.

There are several information sheets on preservation-related topics available from the National Trust's Resource Center. For a complete list of information sheets available, email Feedback. Related topics include:

  • Information sheet #5 - The National Register of Historic Places
  • Information sheet #7 - Plaques for Historic Buildings and Homes
  • Information sheet #32 - Working with Contractors and Architects
  • Finding Supplies and Furnishings; Interior Design and Decorating Information sheet #33
  • Information for Realtors Information sheet #43
  • Historic Mail Order Homes and Barns Information sheet #45

A heartfelt thank you to Clackamas County for sharing its wealth of resources with the city.