City Code - Plan Review

The following codes can be used during preparation of engineering plans, stormwater reports, subdivision plats, and other documents needed for a construction permit:

Code Requirements References

Specifically, most developments and public works projects follow requirements found in the following:

CodeInformationAdditional Resources

Title 12 - Streets, Sidewalks, and Public Places

To find Maintenance Requirements of Sidewalk, Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities and Tree Planting Requirements

See also:

Title 13 - Public Services

To find Water, Stormwater, Sanitary Sewer, SDC, Telecommunication Facilities and other Utility Facilities

See also:

Title 15 - Buildings and Construction

To find Grading, Filling, and Excavation Requirements

See also:

Title 16 - Land Divisions

To find Plat Requirements and Processes, Easements, and Partitions and Development Standards


Title 17 - Zoning

To find:
  • Floodplain Requirements
  • Geologic Hazards
  • Erosion Control
  • Natural Resource Overlay Districts
  • Fence/Wall Requirements
  • Sureties