Design Standards / Drawings

Street Detail DiagramIndividual design standard drawings in pdf format are available if you select one of the 4 Series drawing links in the Standard Drawings table.

The complete hardcopy version of the design standards may be purchased for a fee. Please contact the City for more information. If you need the AutoCAD drawings on a CD, please call 971-204-4601. Please note that a $10 fee for time and materials will be charged.

The current Stormwater and Grading Design Standards and the Erosion and Sediment Control Standards can be found at the following links:

Manuals & Other Documents

As-Built Drawing and Post Construction Survey Requirements (PDF)July 2019
Street Design Standards ManualMarch 2022
Sanitary Sewer Design Standards Manual (PDF)August 2021
Sewage Pump Station and Force Main Design Standards Manual (PDF)August 2004
Water Distribution System Design Standards Manual (PDF)June 2022
Pavement Cut Standards Manual (PDF)January 2016
Molalla Avenue Streetscape Standards Manual (PDF)August 2009
Standard Notes (PDF)July 12, 2023

Standard Drawings (Via Webdrawer)

Drawing NameDate
Sanitary Sewer Standard Drawings - 300 SeriesJuly 12, 2023
Water Standard Drawings - 400 SeriesJuly 12, 2023
Street Standard Drawings - 500 SeriesJanuary 6, 2023
Stormwater Standard Drawings - 600 SeriesJuly 12, 2023
OC 313 Pipe Bedding and Trench Back FillJanuary 2023

Miscellaneous Drawings

Drawing NameDate
Residential Lot Grading Types (PDF)January 2023
Residential Lot Grading Notes (PDF)January 2019
Residential Lot Grading Types - AutoCAD Format (ZIP)January 2023
Public Works Approval Stamp (PDF)November 2014
City Titleblock - AutoCAD Format (ZIP) and City Titleblock (PDF)
April 2021
City Design Details - AutoCAD Format (ZIP)July 12, 2023