Street Design Standards

Street Design StandardsThe City of Oregon City is preparing a set of Street Design Standards which are technical standards used in designing capital improvement projects as well as providing criteria for review of private developments. These standards will supplement what the City already has in code, constructional details, and construction notes and specifications.

The standards will also be used for consistent design and upgrade of existing roadways. Currently, the City of Oregon City consists of:

  • 139 miles of City roads
  • 147 miles of sidewalks
  • 50 signalized intersections

Preliminary standards and the review process will be kept on this page until the Standards are adopted. The standards, once completed, will be available with the other Design Standards on the Design Standards/Drawing page.

September 28, 2021 Status Update

  • Contract for Kittelson and Associates was approved at City Commission on August 18, 2021
  • Draft Table of Contents provided for review

February 22, 2022 Status Update

  • Draft Street Standards available for review. Public comments due March 18

September 27, 2022 Status Update

  • Final Street Standards for Adoption uploaded to website. Work Session with City Commission scheduled for October 11

Supporting Documents

Street Design Standards Cover Page