Post Construction


As-builts are required for all public improvements within 3 months of completion/occupancy of the site/building. All documents shall meet As-Built Requirements (PDF).

Stormwater Maintenance

If the stormwater management system is provided as a separate tract or parcel deeded over to the City, a 2-year Maintenance Agreement is required. If the stormwater management system is retained by the property, a private stormwater maintenance covenant shall be executed and recorded on the property.

Street Improvements Warranty / Guarantee

A 2-Year Maintenance Warranty is required in the amount of 15% of the public improvement cost. This insures the City that the built improvements were built accordingly. If any failures occur within 2 years, the property owner shall make the fixes or the City will use the maintenance bond. The remainder of the bond is released after 2 years and the improvements do not require further repair.

Plat Review

Before any new lots can build structures in the subdivision or partition, the lots must first be platted. Also, the following must be complete:

  • All road improvements including street lights, roads, curbs, and sidewalks
  • All utility improvements
  • All stormwater improvements
  • Execution of all maintenance documents and bonds

Items that may be required for plat approval: