Safe Sidewalks

In an effort to promote safety in Oregon City neighborhoods as well as to improve the appearance of the community, Oregon City Municipal Code (OCMC) 12.04.032 generally states that when a sidewalk hazard exists and repair is necessary, the adjacent property owner is responsible for making necessary repairs. For more information on what this means to property owners, the benefits of street trees, and how to repair sidewalks, check out the Safe Sidewalk Brochure (PDF).

Sidewalks can become crowded in the more urban areas of the City such as Main Street and 7th Street. Pedestrians, benches, planters, signage and restaurant seating are all competing for use of the sidewalk. Any items placed permanently in the sidewalk (attached) require an approval of the City Commission and a permit from the Public Works Engineering Division. These permits can be revoked at any time and require a Covenant and Release of Indemnity. See OCMC 12.04 for more information on permanent obstructions in the right-of-way.

Any items placed temporarily in the sidewalk (unattached) require a permit from the Public Works Engineering Division. See OCMC 12.04 for more information.

A-Frame (sandwich board) signs are permitted by the Planning Division. They are referenced in OCMC 15.28.

In all cases, a minimum 4 foot space must be made available for all pedestrians including those with accessibility needs. In no case shall an obstruction create a barrier to a sidewalk ramp for crossing a roadway.

Learn about and apply for the Sidewalk Assistance Grant Program.

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