McLoughlin Promenade

This project carefully restored one of Oregon City's most notable historic landmarks to its original structural and aesthetic quality so it can continue to provide views of the City and Willamette Falls.

Blighted Conditions:

  • Deteriorated rock walls and pier caps presented major safety and aesthetic concerns
  • Unstable sections of stone wall and grand staircase
  • Graffiti and cracked concrete detracted from the historical integrity of the landmark


  • Carefully selected sections of walls and caps to replace for stability and aesthetic enhancement
  • Replaced entire grand staircase in a safe and historically appropriate manner
  • Removed graffiti and repaired broken concrete


  • Economic
    • Preserves and enhances community asset to continue to attract tourists and residents to downtown and the McLoughlin Historic District
  • Livability
    • Restores the aesthetic function of a cherished landmark with majestic views of downtown and the Willamette Falls
    • Conserves the historic significance of the Promenade for future city visitors and residents
    • Strengthens a pedestrian route connecting several important districts
  • Sustainability
    • Encourages sustainable transportation and appreciation for the natural environment of Oregon City



McLoughlin Promenade 1
McLoughlin Promenade 2
McLoughlin Promenade 3
McLoughlin Promenade 4
McLoughlin Promenade 5
McLoughlin Promenade 6
McLoughlin Promenade 7
McLoughlin Promenade 8