Beavercreek Road

This project overhauled an old three-lane rural road with no sidewalks into a modern, green, and multi-modal boulevard to signal that Oregon City is invested in the future.

Blighted Conditions:

  • Three-lane road could not carry enough capacity to keep up with traffic demands
  • Pedestrian accessibility problems due to lack of sidewalks and many driveways
  • Lack of bike lanes or bus stop amenities for non-drivers


  • Expanded road to five lanes, including dedicated bike lanes
  • Constructed continuous sidewalks, consolidated driveways and added bus stop amenities
  • Planted 58 new street trees and native landscaping designed to reduce stormwater runoff


  • Economic
    • Provides more convenient access to local businesses
    • Enhances perception of area and Oregon City by beautifying streetscape
  • Livability
    • Expands transportation options by encouraging walking, biking and transit
    • Reduces traffic congestion by increasing road capacity
  • Sustainability
    • Reduces water pollution through more effective stormwater management
    • Reduces carbon emissions by planting new trees



Beavercreek 1
Beavercreek 2
Beavercreek 3
Beavercreek 4
Beavercreek 5
Beavercreek 6
Beavercreek 7
Beavercreek 8