Clackamas River Trail

This project remediated an environmentally contaminated area and built a multi-use trail that greatly expands access to the natural beauty and recreation of the Clackamette Cove and Clackamas River.

Blighted Conditions:

  • Lack of access to the beauty and natural amenities of the Clackamette Cove area
  • Soil contaminated with petroleum due industrial dumping on the site in the past
  • Non-native plant species threatened the health of the local plant habitat


  • Built 1,300-foot linear trail that connects from Main St. in front of Clackamette Cove north to the Clackamas River pedestrian bridge
  • Removed non-native plant species and restored native vegetation
  • Installed signage, furniture and picnic tables along the trail


  • Economic
    • Enhances attractiveness of Clackamette Cove for future mixed-use or residential development
  • Livability
    • Provides direct access to beauty and natural amenities of the cove area
    • Expands transportation options by connecting to bike and pedestrian routes
  • Sustainability
    • Reduces carbon emissions by planting new vegetation and trees
    • Improves health of local plant habitat by removing dangerous non-native plant species
    • Reduces soil and water pollution by excavating and removing contaminated soil
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