Amtrak Station

This project leveraged existing infrastructure and assets to put Oregon City on the map of one of the region's most popular transit lines - Amtrak's Cascades Line.

Blighted Conditions:

  • Lack of access to regional transit lines in Oregon City
  • Underutilized rail infrastructure and underdeveloped surrounding land


  • Transported unused historic train depot from another location to the site of the new station
  • Constructed raised boarding platform and parking lot complete with extensive landscaping


  • Economic
    • Raises economic profile of Oregon City as a destination on the popular Cascades Amtrak line
    • Daily ridership has increased 22% since 2011 as daily commuters to Portland save money on gas and parking
  • Livability
    • Provides a comfortable, inexpensive and fast transportation option for regional trips
    • Offers potential to avoid traffic congestion on regional highways
  • Sustainability
    • Encourages more sustainable and energy-efficient regional transportation



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