Urban Renewal

Oregon City has one urban renewal area, the Downtown/Northend URA. The URA includes Downtown Oregon City, Singer Hill Road and High Street in the Historic McLoughlin area, the area around The Cove and Abernathy Road to Highway 213. Please refer to the Downtown/Northend URA map for more details.

What Kinds of Projects Urban Renewal Supports

Activities eligible for urban renewal funding generally include:

  • Rehabilitation or conversation work
  • Real property acquisition
  • Demolition, removal, or rehabilitation of buildings and improvements
  • Installation, construction, or reconstruction of streets, utilities, and site improvements
  • Assisting in the relocation of persons
  • Disposition of property acquired in the urban renewal area
  • Undertaking and carrying out neighborhood development programs.

Activities that are typically ineligible for urban renewal funding include non-capital improvements, temporary improvements, and grants or loans for operating expenses.

Management of the Urban Renewal Area

The Economic Development Department manages the property and programs on behalf of the City Manager and the Urban Renewal Commission.