High-Potential Development Sites

Oregon City's North End has the potential to develop into a vibrant, mixed-use center that attracts people from across the region. Urban Renewal is helping to make that vision a reality by providing technical assistance to developers that commit to build on physically and economically challenging sites.

Blighted Conditions:

  • The Cove: Located on the banks of Clackamette Cove, this site has potential to become mixed-use housing and an asset to the community. But steep grades, unstable soil and poor connections to infrastructure make it unviable for development.
  • Rossman Landfill: A former landfill located at the junction of several key transportation routes, this site has potential for highly accessible development near the core of the city. However, soil and groundwater contamination, the risk of methane gas release due to buried garbage, and very unstable soil make development unviable.


  • The Cove: Planning, design and engineering services funded by urban renewal provide the information needed to make smart, environmentally responsible decisions about building on the site.
  • Rossman Landfill: Urban Renewal has not funded any studies of this site yet, but it remains an option in the case that a committed developer is willing to work with the city.


  • Technical assistance prepares sites for development that can catalyze further development activity, strengthen the local economy and generate new jobs.
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