City Hall

This project relocated City Hall to a more accessible location at the historic, cultural and commercial center of the City and renovated the building to achieve a LEED certification for green building standards.

Blighted Conditions:

  • Temporary buildings offered very poor conditions for city staff, residents or important visitors to City Hall
  • City Hall's location far from historical center could be perceived as a lack of public commitment to the historic core of the city


  • Relocated City Hall to an underutilized medical office building in an highly accessible location at the center of important commercial and historical districts
  • Renovated building to be LEED Silver certified for energy efficiency and environmental responsibility


  • Economic
    • Increases activity in local area to attract new businesses
    • Enhances perception of city to visiting business and political leaders
  • Livability
    • Improves public facilities for city residents and staff
  • Sustainability
    • Demonstrates Oregon City's commitment to environmental responsibility and energy efficiency by achieving LEED Silver Certification
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