Public Investments

Urban Renewal-backed public investments have laid the foundation for economic growth by building a more livable, sustainable, and business-friendly Oregon City.

Projects like the Main Street Enhancement and 7th Street Corridor have restored streets to their traditional, walkable form through wider sidewalks, generous landscaping, and safer crossings. Urban Renewal plans envisioned a city that is better connected to regional transportation networks. Projects like Main Street, Beavercreek Road Improvements (Hilltop District), McLoughlin Boulevard, and the Amtrak Station make Oregon City more convenient to access, regardless of where you come from and how you choose to travel.

Urban Renewal also gives residents and visitors more reasons to get out and enjoy the city. Community amenities attributed to urban renewal support the local economy with visitor spending and private investment, but they also make the city more likely to attract potential companies and employers who desire a livable community.

To help businesses make the decision to invest in the City, Urban Renewal provides technical and financial assistance for developers who will agree to build on the city's most challenging and complex sites, such as The Cove. Without this public investment, the high cost of developing these sites make private investment not viable. See the table below for detailed information on the Urban Renewal-backed public investments that are reshaping Oregon City.

Transportation & Accessibility Enhancements


Main Street (5th to 10th)

Main Street (5th to 10th)Revitalized historic Main St. and attracted new shoppers and businesses by converting the street to business-friendly two-way traffic and beautifying this important downtown public space.Downtown North End District

McLoughlin Boulevard

McLoughlin BoulevardTransformed a regional highway that acted as a barrier to the waterfront into a community amenity that celebrates the city’s historic connection to the Willamette River.Downtown North End District

7th Street

7th StreetRestored historic commercial corridor to a walkable and attractive public space that helps to revitalize local businesses.Downtown North End District

Washington Street

Washington StreetEnhanced and beautified a significant connector street and addressed pedestrian accessibility issues at key intersectionsDowntown North End District

Beavercreek Road

Beavercreek RoadOverhauled an old three-lane rural road with no sidewalks into a modern, green, and multi-modal boulevard.Hilltop District

Community Amenities


Clackamas River Trail

Clackamas River TrailRemediated an environmentally contaminated area and built a multi-use trail that expands access to the natural beauty and recreation of the Clackamette Cove and Clackamas River.Downtown North End District

Amtrak Station

Amtrak StationLeveraged existing infrastructure and assets to put Oregon City on the map of one of the region’s most popular transit lines – Amtrak’s Cascades Line. Downtown North End District

McLoughlin Promenade

McLoughlin PromenadeUrban Renewal funds were used to match a Federal Grant to help carefully restore one of Oregon City’s most notable historic landmarks to its original structural and aesthetic quality so it can continue to provide cherished views of the city and Willamette Falls.Downtown North End District

City Hall

City HallRelocated City Hall to a more accessible location at the historic, cultural and commercial center of the city and renovated building according to LEED green building standards.Downtown North End District

Technical Assistance


High-Potential Development Sites

High-Potential Development SitesOregon City’s North End has the potential to develop into a vibrant, mixed-use center that attracts people from across the region. Urban Renewal is helping to make that vision a reality by providing technical assistance to developers that commit to build on physically and economically challenging sites.
Downtown North End District