McLoughlin Boulevard

This project transformed a poorly maintained highway that once acted as a barrier to the waterfront and into a community amenity that celebrates the city's connection to the Willamette River.

Blighted Conditions:

  • Busy four-lane highway disconnected downtown Oregon City from the Willamette riverfront
  • Sidewalks and bicycle right-of-way inadequate or in poor condition
  • Poor condition of important gateway to Oregon City damaged perception of city


  • Added landscaped medians and on-street parking to reflect "complete street" design
  • Constructed new connection to downtown by extending 12th Street from Main St. to McLoughlin
  • Completed continuous sidewalk and new multi-use path along entire riverfront
  • Built new terrace with creative public art and staircase to riverfront trail


  • Economic
    • Forms stronger connection between regional highways and downtown Oregon City to attract new visitors and businesses
    • Improves perception of city along significant regional highway
  • Livability
    • Enhances connection to riverfront amenities and recreation for visitors and residents
  • Sustainability
    • Encourages sustainable transportation options like walking, biking and transit
    • Improves riparian habitat by removing dangerous invasive plant species and replanting with native species
    • Reduces water pollution through more effective stormwater management
    • Reduces carbon emissions by planting new trees



McLoughlin Boulevard 1
McLoughlin Boulevard 2
McLoughlin Boulevard 3
McLoughlin Boulevard 4
McLoughlin Boulevard 5
McLoughlin Boulevard 6
McLoughlin Boulevard 7
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