Buena Vista Civic Club

Buena Vista Club

Located at the southwest corner of Atkinson Park near the intersection of 16th and Jackson Streets and nestled into a sloping hillside which exposes the vertical siding that covers the structural supports on the east elevation.

The building is a simple single gable vernacular square volume with a rear kitchen addition and bump out stage added either at the time the volume was assembled onsite or shortly after. The main entrance is located on the west elevation facing into the park.

Records indicate that the Buena Vista Social clubhouse was erected in the 1923 by club members who moved the building onsite in two sections. The ages of the house volumes are unclear, but appear to be of simple c. 1900 vernacular design.

This social club was created for the residents of the Buena Vista neighborhood of Oregon City and is a good example of a local neighborhood civic and social club. The Buena Vista neighborhood, considered a specific geographic area is located just north of the McLoughlin Neighborhood.

The facility was taken over by the city of Oregon City in 1987 by request of the remaining club members. It is located in Atkinson Park. From 1987-2013 it was used as a rental facility for events and parks programs.

The building was flagged by the Building Official in 2013 as a dangerous structure and the City is currently working with stakeholders to determine if the building can once again be open to the community.

In 2020 the Buena Vista Club House was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Special thanks to Karin Morey for scanning the club's amazing scrapbook!

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