Guide to Construction Salvage & Recycling

Metro - Making a Great PlaceEverything from old carpet and thermostats and rubble to rebar can be salvaged or recycled. Did you know you could save over 60% on construction disposal costs when you recycle or salvage waste materials? Metro and Oregon City have tools to help you save money and conserve natural resources.

First, consider deconstruction, selective salvage of historical or architectural elements from the building, or reuse rather than mechanical demolition. Metro has an online toolkit to help you identify services in the area for your salvage and reuse needs.

Recycling materials that cannot be reused will dramatically reduce disposal fees. Recycling loads are charged $35 per ton when sorted, whereas landfill garbage is $94 per ton. Many local haulers will work with you to separate recyclables from landfill waste. Research your options before beginning your project with this online tool.

Remember that keeping recycling containers free of other debris is important! Ensure that everyone on the work site knows what type of waste goes in each bin.