2021 Housing Needs Analysis

Do we have enough opportunities to accommodate our future housing needs?

Oregon City adopted its Housing Needs Analysis (HNA) in December 2021. The HNA includes maps, housing data, and forecasts on demographic and socioeconomic trends to understand how much housing will be needed in the future and if we have enough available land to accommodate the community's needs. The analysis estimates the number and needs of new households as well as the number of new housing units that could be potentially constructed. This technical analysis helps the community understand whether Oregon City has enough land to accommodate growth over the next 20 years and if any housing policy changes are needed.

The HNA includes a map identifying land with minimal constraints that could be developed for residential use if the property owner chooses to do so. The map is not intended to show where development will occur or the specific type or density of development, but to inform a reasonably accurate estimate of the number of future housing opportunities citywide.

Watch a presentation on the findings at the September 7th, 2021 City Commission/Planning Commission Joint Work Session here (starts about 14 minutes into the YouTube video).


The study found that Oregon City should plan for the growth of 7,435 new dwelling units over the next 20 years. Much of the growth in housing will be driven by growth in households. The City will meet Metro's requirements for net density and housing mix but has a slight shortage of land for high-density housing and an unmet need for affordable housing. The study will be used to inform housing policy and projects in the future.

For questions, email the Planning Division or call 503-722-3789.

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