Transportation Demand Management Plan

Photograph of Downtown Oregon City by Brian Canon

Transportation demand management, traffic demand management, or travel demand management (TDM) is the application of strategies and policies to maximize traveler choices.

Initially spurred by the redevelopment of the former Blue Heron Paper Mill, the City Commission adopted a Transportation Demand Management Plan for Oregon City's downtown in 2018.

The plan outlines and prioritizes TDM strategies for Oregon City, leveraging existing conditions and providing the flexibility to respond to opportunities for action as they arise. These strategies will help guide the City toward efficient," right-sized" parking while integrating reasonable, attractive, and effective alternative mode options into the project study area.

Incorporating industry best practices along with input from local stakeholders, the plan provides the foundation for a new multi-modal vision for the greater Oregon City downtown. The plan lays out future actions that will improve access to the riverwalk and to downtown Oregon City through improved management of parking and transportation in the area. The goal of the plan is to "increase the universe of trips" while minimizing congestion by creating safe connections using multiple transportation modes and managing to park efficiently.

The Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan will add parking and trip capacity to our downtown, benefiting business owners, employees, customers, and residents.