South End Concept Plan

South End Concept Plan LogoAfter two years of planning, and building on hundreds of community comments, maps, and ideas, the City Commission adopted the South End Concept Plan in April 2014. The South End Concept Plan is built on the following Community Values:

  • Rural Character
  • Livability
  • Sense of Place
  • Environmental Quality
  • Excellent Schools

The purpose of the South End Concept Plan is to guide future urban growth and development within the Oregon City Urban Growth Boundary in accordance with the Oregon City Comprehensive Plan and Metro's Urban Growth Management Functional Plan. The plan also implements the following community vision statement:

Oregon City's South End is a safe, vibrant, and diverse community. Parks, plazas, and other public gathering places strengthen the sense of community and connectedness. A variety of housing choices and amenities are the foundation of great neighborhoods for people of all ages. South End's historic rural character is retained through a variety of means. Streams, trees, wetlands, and wildlife habitats are protected and enhanced through a network of natural areas. As one center of the community, McLoughlin Elementary School is a hub of learning and information exchange. Paths, trails, and family-friendly streets provide safe travel for all. Several transportation options are available and connect South End to downtown Oregon City and the region.

The plan contains all of the required elements for a concept plan for compliance with Metro Title 11 - Planning for New Urban Areas; including:

  • Provisions for a variety of zoning and housing types, and small-scale commercial uses to serve residents
  • Coordination with Oregon City School District for school planning
  • Police, fire and emergency services
  • Natural Features and natural hazard mapping
  • Open space, parks, and trail planning
  • A transportation plan for people with a variety of choices and modes
  • Public infrastructure planning (sewer, water, stormwater, streets)
  • Cost estimates for public infrastructure and financing methods

Next Steps

Now that the concept plan is adopted, individual or multiple property owners within the UGB may petition the City for annexation if they wish to re-develop their property within the city (view the Annexation page for more details). More detailed infrastructure planning based on the concept plan is necessary to support the provision of public facilities to the area and is expected that annexation and development will be developer-driven and occur in locations where connections to public facilities improvements and services can be made most efficiently.

Please refer to the related documents for further details.