Street Pole & Cross Street Banner

Oregon City Public Works Street Division manages and processes permits for the installation of banners on City-owned street light poles. Banners can only be installed with a permit that abides by City Policy.

How to Apply

Submit applications between 2 months and 2 weeks before the display period.

Application Checklist

  • Completed, signed Application for Cross Street Banners and Banners on Street Light Poles (PDF)
  • A drawing/rendering of the dimensions of the signage including attachment points
  • Description of the signage material
  • Valid certificate of insurance and either Exhibit A signed by an insurance agent or appropriate additionally insured documentation (as specified in the application)
  • Completed maps identifying the specific poles the banners are to be displayed on; the City will verify requested locations are available and reserve areas in our schedule

The applicant will receive an "Approved Permit". The banner installer will receive a copy of approved permit. A permit is only valid when signed by The City.

Submitting Applications

  • Email: Email Audrey Meeker
  • Mail:
    City of Oregon City
    Attn: Public Works Banner Permit
    13895 Fir Street
    Oregon City, OR 97045

Please allow extra time for mail delivery.

Fees & Payment

Permit Application fees can be found on the Engineering Services Fees page.  


Installations limited to specified streets and locations named on the banner permit. Access the maps in the Supporting Documents section to learn more.

Terms & Conditions

View the Banner Policy (PDF).

Supporting Documents