Inclement Weather Operations

De-Icer PreparationWhen Winter Weather Returns

When winter weather is back, be prepared and help our Oregon City Public Works teams keep the roads safe.

Oregon City Public Works needs your help keeping the roads safe during winter weather events. Snow and ice control operations are intended to provide prudent motorists with a reasonably safe traveling surface. The City does not have a bare pavement policy. During heavy snowfall, or severe icing conditions, motorists may need to install chains or other traction devices. Please be aware, Public Works will only plow snow when it reaches 3 inches of accumulation. In the event of freezing rain, City staff usually apply sand only at hazardous locations such as curves, intersections, railroad crossing and hills. In the event of icing conditions, the City will close steeper roads such as Pearl Street, the Center Street hill, Anchor Way, portions of 12th Street and portions of 15th Street.

If the City receives freezing rain, please consider staying home and off the streets. If you must travel please plan ahead:

  • Drive with caution
  • Carry traction devices
  • Fill your vehicle with fuel
  • Carry provisions in your vehicle in case you need to remain in your car for an extended period of time

Please be patient knowing that City crews are doing the best they can to combat hazardous road conditions. The City's Winter Weather Response Plan (PDF) can be viewed here.

Our toolbox is full of goodies for winter weather response. We have added a second de-icer distributor, de-icer storage that exceeds 6,000 gallons and an additional large plow rig. We also have better than ever winter weather staff training and response plans.

For a mid-size city, Oregon City is well equipped for winter weather response with 5 plows, 3 sanders, a road grader, and the 2 de-icer distributors.

For more information on Oregon City's winter weather response including de-icer details, our philosophy on the use of sand in a snow event, and our winter weather response map, check out our Winter Weather Response Map (PDF).

Oregon City Inclement Weather Operations

As part of the City's overall goal to improve the safety of Oregon City's motorists during snow and ice storm events, the City's Street Division use a number of strategies to address the changing conditions that often occur during our winter weather storm events. Our crews utilize liquid de-icer as part of its overall response efforts, in addition to plowing and in some instances, the application of sand.

It is the goal of the City of Oregon City to respond in a reasonable manner to snowy and icy Oregon City streets to allow vehicle travel by motorists, exercising due care, in the operation of a motor vehicle. However, City crews cannot always assure safe vehicle operation on city streets under extremely hazardous winter conditions. As experienced during past winter events, when extremely hazardous conditions exist, it may be necessary for drivers to use traction devices or seek other transportation alternatives.

Remember, even the best preventive measures don't eliminate the risk involved with driving in winter weather conditions. It is always up to motorists to drive at speeds and in a manner appropriate for the road and weather conditions.


Our de-icing efforts focus on the light to moderate snowfall events, as well as the occasional black ice or frost conditions typical for the Oregon City area. Utilizing liquid de-icer allows the Street Division to improve safety, improve the efficiency of City crews, and address environmental conditions resulting from other methods of winter operations. The Street Division's goal is to apply the least amount of de-icer and sand needed to maintain a safe driving surface for Oregon City travelers.

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