Street (Transportation) Division

Program Objective

Maintain the City's transportation system and improve public safety. Implement best management practices while performing operations to protect the surrounding environment.

Street (Transportation) Division CrewOverview

  • Maintains, plans, and improves the transportation system, including:
    • Roads
    • Sidewalks
    • Bike paths
    • Roadside landscaping
    • Public stairways
    • The Municipal Elevator
  • Improves public safety through proper street signs, striping, and traffic control devices (stop signs and signals)
  • Sweeps City streets
  • Implements pavement maintenance program

Street maintenance is funded by state gas taxes and the pavement maintenance utility fee. In addition to maintaining the current transportation system, the Street Division works with Engineering Services to provide transportation system improvements outside of those obligated by new development that add system capacity or level of service to accommodate a growing population. The Transportation System Plan and its capital improvement plan (CIP) identifies and prioritizes needs and construction projects that are funded by grants and System Development Charges (SDC) (collected when building permits are issued).

Street Division Employee Working on a RoadSystem Details

  • 2023-25 biennium transportation budget: $11.7 Million 
  • Pavement Maintenance Utility Fee (PMUF)
  • 2023-25 biennium PMUF budget:  $7.2 Million
  • Municipal Elevator
  • Miles of Streets:
    • 144 miles City (including alleys)
    • 6 miles County
    • 12 miles State (OR Highway 99E and OR Highway 213)
  • 55 signalized intersections
  • RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons) crossings:  5
  • Rights-of-way area: 961 acres (227 acres State and County)
  • Sidewalks: 163.7 miles
  • Bike lanes:  49.7 miles
  • Roundabouts:  2
  • Sharrows:  61 (1.3 miles)
  • Local, neighborhood collector, collector, minor and major arterial classifications

Key Programs

  • Pavement Maintenance
  • Signage and pavement markings
  • Street lighting and signal maintenance
  • Routine roadside maintenance
  • Snow and ice response
  • Emergency response
  • City beautification and community involvement
  • Traffic management and safety
  • Transportation Advisory Committee
  • Adopt a Road

Traffic Management & Safety

  • Sign maintenance and production
  • Roadside barricade and guard rail installation and repair
  • Inclement weather operations
  • Fall leaf cleanup
  • Spill response and cleanup
  • Work with code enforcement
  • Parking meter installation and replacement
  • Rockfall removal/mud slide response

Public Works (General)

  • Respond to citizen concerns
  • Maintain/clean equipment
  • Facility maintenance
  • Construction inspection and observation
  • Development plan review
  • Public parking lot maintenance
  • Repair graffiti and other street vandalism
  • Safety meetings/training

Pavement Management

Roadside Maintenance

  • Painting curbs, crosswalks, stop bars, etc.
  • Roadside mowing/brush removal
  • Roadside litter
  • Gravel shoulders, grade gravel streets
  • Street sweeping
  • Remove illegally posted signs
  • Install and maintain new trash cans, benches, bicycle racks
  • Remove hazardous trees from the public rights-of-way
  • Remove fallen limbs from roadway

City Beautification & Community Involvement

  • Clean steps and paths
  • Graffiti removal
  • Install event banners
  • Barricade installation and removal for parades and events
  • Christmas decorations
  • Install flower pots
  • Empty garbage cans
  • Median and street tree care
  • Coordinate street closures

Street Lighting & Signal Systems

  • Street lighting maintenance
  • Elevator maintenance
  • Manage contracts with Clackamas County for striping/traffic signals