5-Year PMUF Roadway Resurfacing Capital Improvement Plan

Since 2008, the City has been charging a Pavement Maintenance Utility Fee (PMUF) to pay for the maintenance andpaving machine 2resurfacing of roadways. These funds are allocated to the annual resurfacing construction project, annual maintenance projects which include crack sealing, slurry sealing, microsurfacing and chip sealing, and in-house paving projects.

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The City reports on the use of PMUF funds annually.

The City has previously completed two 5-year plans. One in 2013, and one in 2018. Those documents guided the annual construction projects through summer 2024. While sometimes roads get moved up or delayed due to either private development, need for other capital improvements to city utilities, or available funds, the goal is to attempt to project what roads should be and can be completed within the next 5 years.

The City is currently projecting projects for years summer 2025 through summer 2029. The City also creates a backburner list in the event a road needs delayed or additional funds become available.

This next 5-year plan will consist of many roads which will initially receive underground improvements including new and replaced watermains and new and rehabilitated sanitary sewers. Other roads will be chosen based on a number of criteria including PCI, last year the road received a treatment, traffic counts, cost of treatment, and more. The City tries to prioritize these improvements to provide the highest and best use of the funds while also trying to ensure all roads get attention at some point.

Anticipated construction cost budget for the next 5 years is shown below. Funding not shown but is included in City budgets includes engineering fees, maintenance projects, maintenance materials, project management, and City support costs.

Summer 2025 : $1,850,000

Summer 2026 : $1,900,000

Summer 2027 : $1,950,000

Summer 2028 : $2,000,000

Summer 2029 : $2,050,000

Want attention to your road? Contact the project manager and we will add it to those roads under consideration. Public comment is not a guarantee a road will be added to the list, but it does place the road on the City's radar and provides one more criteria to use when preparing the road list.


Last Update : 12/13/23

- 11/29/23 : Workshop between City Staff and Consultant

- 11/17/23 : Historical progress document provided for review, 1st draft of roads based on computer analysis provided for review

- 10/27/23 : City provided available projected funding for each year

- 10/18/23 : Consor has provided historic infrstructure memo.