Online Submittal of Land Use Applications

Land Use Application

  1. Application Type

    Please select all application types being requested. If you are unsure of which application type is required, please email the Planning Division or call 503-722-3789.

  2. Please provide a brief description of the proposed project or application.

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  4. Please upload completed application form.

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    Planning staff will assign a file number to this project. Unless prior arrangements have been made, planning staff will not review this application until all required fees have been paid. For help, email Planning or call 503-722-3789.

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We still accept in-person (paper) submittal of any of the following:

Pre-Application Conference requests, usually required prior to Type II, Type III, and Type IV land use applications, can be submitted electronically.

For all other application types, please complete the online form below and upload all necessary attachments. The City's online mapping system, OCWebMaps, is a valuable source of information that can help you answer the following questions. Please provide as much detail as possible within your submittal.

For questions on your submittal or this form, please email the Planning Division or call 503-722-3789.

Attachments & Forms

Please complete and attach the applicable form to your electronic submittal.

Additional Application Materials

In addition to the required application form, please upload any additional application materials as necessary. At a minimum, all application submittals should include a site plan or plot plan. See submittal checklists for Type II to IV applications.

Please note, there are maximum file sizes for uploading attachments. If your attachment exceeds the maximum file size, please submit the form without the additional attachments and email the Planning Division to submit the rest of your attachments. We can provide a large file upload link via email if necessary.

Next Steps

A Planner will reach out to you as soon as possible following your submission.


Upon receipt of your electronic submittal, a planner will contact you and invoice fees owed and make arrangements for payment of required fees

Customer Self-Service Portal

To use the Customer Self-Service Portal, you will need to create an account if you do not currently have one. Once logged in, you will find your invoice and add to cart. If you do not see an invoice, please contact our office to make sure the correct billing contact is associated with the permit. See support documents on the webpage for further instruction. Please note that the online payments option incurs a non-refundable processing fee from the credit card vendor.

Credit Card

Via telephone at 503-722-3789. If you reach our voicemail, please leave your phone number, along with the permit or plan number, and staff will call for payment as quickly as possible. Please note there is a $500 limit for phone credit card payments.

In Person (Check or Card)

In-person by credit card or check Monday through Thursday 9 am to 4 pm at 695 Warner Parrott Road, Oregon City, OR 97045. Please note there is a $500 limit for credit card payments made in person.


Mail a check to (please reference your permit/plan case number on the check):
Attn: Planning Division
P.O. Box 3040
Oregon City, OR 97045